How to find us

Access by individual means, coming from Geneva

1/18 — After driving along the IKEA building, stay on the right lane. 2/18 — When you see the signs, including the one for Vernier, go straight ahead. 3/18 — You will see the VW garage on your right and with a little luck a plane in the sky. 4/18 — The Skoda garage and the Tamoil gas station are on your right. 5/18 — Go past the Tamoil station on your right. 6/18 — You will then see Flexbox and the Honda garage, always on your right. 7/18 — Spot the rusty fences of the football fields on the left and the Alpiq building on the right. 8/18 — Get on the left preselection. 9/18 — Turn left, just before the metallized building. 10/18 — Engage in the path of Morglas. 11/18 — Follow the path of Morglas 12/18 — Do you see some plane in the sky ? Go straight and stop watching the sky ! 13/18 — Always straight. Drive along the big white building located on your right 14/18 — At this fork, think about taking a look left … 15/18 — … there is almost always some free parking in Via Monnet. 16/18 — We are at the end of Morglas road … 17/18 — … just after the scaffolding company Echami … 18/18 — … in the small industrial red and beige building, with a Swiss flag on the roof.

You are there!


Hotline 7/7: +41 78 626 54 33