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Unless you are abroad or the time is late in Switzerland, it is usually better to call us at +41 (0)78 626 54 33.

Indeed, with email, because of the anti-spam filters, both your question and our answer may not reach their recipient. In addition, it is often more effective to talk to each other directly.

We do not respond to requests from people who do not disclose their identity (first name, last name and company if applicable).

Information to provide in case of contact by email :

1. First name, last name
2. Company or organization (if applicable)
3. A phone number to which we can reach you
    (including the county code if you are outside Switzerland)
4. In case of no answer when we call you back, should we leave a message on your answering machine or not.
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If the message remains displayed after clicking the "Send the message" button, this means that a field has not been filled correctly. This is often an error related to the entered verification code.

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