Data recovery

Hard drives & SSD

Data recovery

Have you lost data on a Hard Disk Drive or a Solid State Drive?

Find out how we can help you recover your files.

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Hard Disk Bank

For mechanical repairs, our service facilitates the acquisition of a compatible donor.

We are located close to Geneva airport, from which 142 desti­na­tions are directly served.

USB keys

Repair of USB 2.0 keys

Swiss Made repair of USB keys with broken connector, rickety connector or undetected because of cracked weld at the connector location.

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Repair of USB 3.0 keys

Data recovery from  clé USB 3.0 no longer detected because of snatched connector or a filmsy connector weld.

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MacBook Air

MacBook Air — recover files

Is your MacBook Air down?

Our file recovery service for MacBook Air is available worldwide.

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Memory cards

Data recovery

Have you lost data on a MicroSD card, a CompactFlash or any other kind of memory card?

Even when the card is no longer detected, retrieving the files it contains is usually possible.


RAID arrays

RAID 0, RAID 1 ou RAID 5

We recover the data from failed RAID systems, whether they are RAID 0, RAID 1, or RAID 5.

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