Repair of corrupted Word (.docx) documents

  • Order the repair of the docx Word document.
  • Send an email with the corrupted file as attachment to
  • Receive the repaired document in your mailbox on same working day or get a full refund.

Repair of Microsoft Word document (.docx)

9.90 EUR
15.90 EUR
Password should be sent to:

Questions – Answers

What is the difference between the standard and the secured by encryption services ?

With the regular service, the repaired file is sent to you by email. Such a file is not protected against indiscretions, for example those of your email provider. In addition, third parties may intercept the email if it is not transfered by SSL. The standard service is adequate when the file is not confidential.

The secured by encryption service is to be preferred if the file contains confidential information. By choosing the service with encryption security, the file is placed in a RAR archive, encrypted using the WinRAR software. The entire archive is encrypted: its content cannot be accessed and it is even impossible to know the name of your document without knowing the password.

The password is typically transmitted to you by a channel that is independent of your mailbox, usually an SMS message. To make this possible, a field allows you to communicate us your mobile number when paying on the PayPal site.

How long does it take for the file to be repared?

From Monday to Friday, the file is repaired the same day if it reaches us before 18:00 (Swiss time).

If we receive your file after 18:00, we guarantee its processing within 24 working hours.

If you place an order during the weekend, your file is processed on Monday.

What happens if the repair fails?

Unfortunately, corrupted files are not always repairable.

If the repair fails, we will fully refund you within 24 business hours.
If you paid for the repair via PayPal, the refund will also be made via PayPal.

If the repair fails, is there another possibility?

Yes. If you saved the file several times during editing, we can in some cases recover a previous version. Indeed, with each recording, the file is written to another location. It is therefore possible to search the file at its previous locations.

Searching for the previous versions of a file requires analysing the full capacity of the media, and an extraction of potential candidates. This recovery process is followed by an important post-treatment work to eliminate false positives.

This type of recovery is beyond the scope of this offer, but we may consider it if it proves impossible to repair your file.

If your document is important, it is strongly recommended to stop using the medium(s) on which the file would have been located so as not to jeopardize the chances of such recovery.

How will I be able to open the RAR archive containing my file if I choose the secure option ?

You will just need the right software such as 7-zip or WinRAR.

When you open the archive, the software will ask you for a password. All you have to do is enter the one you received by SMS. You will then see your file. To extract it, all you have to do is drag and drop it to the desktop or any folder on your computer.

What software do you recommend to open RAR archives: WinRAR or7-zip ?

Both 7-zip and WinRAR allow to open RAR achives, but only WinRAR can create new ones.

The RAR format was created by RARLAB, the company that develops the WinRAR program. RARLAB provides makes a tool for decompressing RAR archives available to developers of other archiving softwares. This is why several programs are able to decompress RAR archives However, the WinRAR software keeps the exclusivity on the creation new of RAR archives.

The question of whether it is better to use 7-zip or WinRAR therefore depends on your medium and long-term perspective. If you simply plan to open the RAR archive that we will send you if you ordered the secure service, 7-zip (free) or the trial version of WinRAR will do perfectly well.

On the other hand, if you have to transmit confidential documents from time to time, the use of encrypted RAR archives will protect them from indiscretions, not only during their transit, but also on servers of your mail or online storage provider. In such a case, buying the WinRAR software is a wise investment.

Why do you use the RAR format instead of ZIP or 7z ones?

The RAR5 format uses a strong encryption standard (AES-256) as well as password protection.

RAR archives allow a compression rate higher than ZIP ones, compression and decompression speeds that are higher than those for 7z archives and offer good resistance to errors. These features are valuable when we need to transfer large volumes of data.

You can find on the PeaZip software website a comparison of common archive formats.

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