Data recovery for MacBook Air 13'' A1369 Mid-2011

MacBook Air 4,2 — A1369 — EMC 2469

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… or send us the SSD of your MacBook Air.

  • Receive an SSD extraction kit adapted to your MacBook Air model.
  • Easily send us the SSD with the shipping material provided by the kit.
  • Enjoy an attractive price and pay only if data recovery is possible.

1. Extract the SSD from your MacBook Air

Need special screwdrivers?

Kit contents

  • a screwdriver to remove the screws located under your MacBook Air
  • a screwdriver to remove the SSD fastening screw
  • a antistatic pouch to protect the SSD
  • a zipper bag to store the screws of your MacBook Air
  • a self-adhesive label already bearing our address
  • a CN22 customs declaration form, from your country*
* The CN22 form is available for some countries only. If we did not have one from your country, you will easily find it in a post office or on Internet.

Buy the kit, with worldwide shipping

7.99 USD
5.99 USD

Please select MacBook model:

Good to know— If you want us to send the kit to a friend, you can specify its delivery address when purchasing the kit.

2. Send the SSD for a free diagnosis

  1. On one sheet, write your contact information as well as the model and serial number of the SSD (or photocopy the appropriate side).
  2. Photocopy this sheet to keep a copy.
  3. Wrap the SSD in the antistatic pouch or a piece of aluminium foil.
  4. Place the SSD and the foil in the box of the kit, or in a very rigid envelope.
  5. Compete the pre-addressed label with your sender address.
  6. Complete the CN22 customs declaration sticker, fill it and date it.
  7. Seal, then paste the label with our address and the CN22 sticker.
  8. Remove any remaining stickers that could disrupt the routing.
  9. Post as letter ≤ 50 g.

3. Wait our free diagnosis

We will promptly let you know if your data can be recovered by our service. You can then order a data recovery.

4. Order the data recovery

Our advice — Wait for our diagnosis to know the size of the user account to retrieve. Your data may only occupy a fraction of the SSD's capacity.

Volume of data to recover

99 USD
149 USD
199 USD
299 USD

Please select MacBook model:

Please choose how the recovered data should be sent to you.

2.5 inch SATA hard drive

59 USD
25 USD
more options …
(ép. 15 mm)129 USD
89 USD
79 USD
45 USD
29 USD
19 USD
16 USD
12 USD


2.5 inch SATA SSD

49 USD
65 USD
more options …
25 USD
35 USD
49 USD
59 USD
149 CHF


FTP download

This option is generally slower than a mailing, especially if the volume of data is important.

Please contact us for a price estimate.





USB 3.0 adapter enclosure

15.00 USD
15 mm38.00 USD

USB 3.0 adapter enclosure

15.00 CHF





Small registered priority parcel

Registred parcel Swiss Post

25 USD
19 USD


500g FedEx International Priority Pak

Display rates and order
59 USD
69 USD
75 USD
79 USD
79 USD
69 USD
89 USD
75 USD
79 USD
109 USD

Registred priority envelope

Registred priority mail Swiss Post

16 USD
14 USD


FedEx International Priority Envelope

Display rates and order
55 USD
69 USD
69 USD
75 USD
69 USD
49 USD
79 USD
59 USD
65 USD
89 USD

SSD models for which this service is available

  • Samsung 256 GB : MZ-CPA2560/0A5
  • any SSD model compatible with the MacBook Air 13'' Mid 2011

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What types of data loss does this service for MacBook Air cover?

This service covers logical data recoveries.

We can recover your files when logical partitions or volumes have been destroyed or damaged, either due to the appearance of defective sectors, or following certain handling errors such as a quick formatting or a modification of partitions scheme.

Of course we can also recover data when the system starts only partially.

Recovery of overwritten files may be possible if you turn off your computer almost immediately. SSDs (Solid State Drives) have self-cleaning functions that purge old file versions. That's why you need to turn off your computer as soon as possible if you want to be able to find an older version.

What are the deadlines?

Between the reception of your SSD and the end of data recovery, it usually takes between one and two business days.

A first diagnosis can usually be provided the same day we receive your SSD.

This depends on various factors such as the size of your SSD, its filling ratio, the complications that can be encountered (bad sectors, encryption, a.s.o.).

Can I ship you my complete MacBook Air?

This is possible, especially if you are in Switzerland, but please contact us beforehand so that we can discuss the modalities.

What behavior should be adopted in the event of data loss?

  1. Keep your cool.
  2. Turn off your computer as soon as possible.
  3. Use another device for your Internet searches and everything else.

In panic many people adopt a behavior that is harmful for the data recovery.
By adopting the right behavior you maximize the chances of a successful data recovery.

My MacBook Air has fallen into the water. Can the data be recovered?

Very often yes, even if we cannot guarantee it 100%.

What should I do if my MacBook Air has undergone a liquid damage?

  1. Don't try to turn it on!
  2. Dry your MacBook as well as possible.
  3. Temporarily put your MacBook in a closed box in the presence of a desiccant such as a pack of rice. The objective is to limit the formation of verdigris.
  4. As soon as possible, open the rear cover of your MacBook and extract its SSD. To do this, you can order in priority mail our SSD extraction kit.
  5. Send us your SSD, and wait for our diagnosis.

How can I be sure that I will get my data back?

The free diagnostic will tell you if your SSD is working enough for us to extract its data.

If the diagnosis is positive, we recover the data as a whole, i.e. the entire user account, or the accounts if you have created several ones.

We do not guarantee the recovery of a particular file, because on the one hand it is too dependent on the actual state of your SSD, for example the presence of unreadable sectors, and on the other hand it opens the door to too much abuse.

When you place an order, you do so with full knowledge of the facts: we recover the files as a whole and not a particular file.

If you wish to recover a particular file, such as a file overwritten by a new version, please contact us beforehand so that we can discuss the terms.

What percentage of data do you typically recover?

When the diagnosis is positive, the percentage recovered is often very high, like 99.99%. However, it is not possible to guarantee what percentage will be recoverable, depending on a number of factors over which it is impossible to have control, such as the number of unreadable sectors.

You should also be aware that some unreadable sectors in the wrong place can significantly affect the folder tree.

In some cases, a logical data recovery is simply impossible. Typically, some series of MacBook Air 13'' of the year 2012 received a Samsung SSD which has a bug at firmware level, making the SSD suddently invisible. During a certain period, Apple proposed to its users an update of the firmware, but this period unfortunately expired.

Firmware repairs are not covered by this service.

Our free diagnosis will help determine which case we are dealing with.

Should I pay anything if the recovery fails?

Short answer

No, you won't pay anything for the diagnosis.

Complete answer

You pay only what you choose.

For example, if you order the kit, send us the SSD and at the end of the diagnosis we cannot recover the data, the only costs you will know are the purchase of the SSD extraction kit if any, and the cost for sending the SSD in a letter.

Nota bene — If the declared value added to the shipping costs exceeds CHF 64 at the time of customs clearance, we will also have to defer customs taxes and customs clearance costs at your expense.

By default, when recovery is not possible, we keep the SSD received to avoid unnecessary transport and costs. If you wish to obtain your SSD in return, we will charge you the shipping costs at cost price, usually those of a simple letter, with possibly the "registered mail" option.

Will I find my folders and files with their names?

This is possible in a majority of cases. However, some unreadable sectors may make impossible to rebuild part of the tree structure. In this case, chunks of the tree structure are available, like a tree whose branches would have been cut and lying on the ground. Your knowledge of the original structure should allow you to reassemble the whole and rename those of the folders who lost their names.

Will you need the user account password for my MacBook?

As a general rule, yes.

This ensures that you are not trying to extract data from another person's MacBook.

This is also often necessary for reasons intrinsic to the data recovery process.

Will you be able to recover the data even if the partition was encrypted?

If you know the encryption password, this is usually possible, but will depend on the state the SSD is in.

Where and by whom are the data recoveries performed?

The logical recovery of the MacBook Air SSDs is carried out by ourselves, in Switzerland, by Swiss personnel exclusively. There is no subcontracting and only one person is in charge of all technical and administrative operations.

What level of confidentiality do you guarantee?

The logical data recovery of your MacBook Air and all administrative tasks are performed by ourselves, in Switzerland, without any subcontracting.

In order to guarantee the confidentiality of your data, we limit as much as possible the use of third-party services. That's why we don't use Dropbox, Skype, WhatsApp or TeamViewer. Useless to ask.

We don't store anything in the cloud: no files, nor administrative data.

Unless otherwise agreed, if a file transfer is to take place over the Internet, we place the files in an encrypted archive using WinRAR software. To open this archive, you can either use WinRAR software (paid) or the free 7-zip software and enter the password that we will send you.

As a general rule, this archive is transferred to our web hosting, on an FTP account created especially for you and which is destroyed after a certain time. FTP account access data and the archive decryption key are communicated to you using separate means of communication, such as email, phone and SMS.

We don't use any file transfer service like Dropbox or WeTransfer. If you want to download your files, we create an FTP account on our own hosting. Our hosting provider (web and email) is o2switch in France.

We don't use Skype.

As a general rule, we don't use TeamViewer. Remains reserved the case where the developer of a data recovery software has to solve a problem related to a bug. We then remain in front of the screen during the entire intervention and TeamViewer is uninstalled immediately after this.

We dont' use WhatsApp.

Our mobile phones do not have any applications other than the original (unremovable) ones and the data on our phones are never backed up in the cloud.

For MacBook data recoveries, we may use software that periodically connects to the developer's server for license fee verification. This software can also send anonymous statistical information about recovered file formats. The files themselves are not transmitted.

If you do not wish to pay by PayPal, nor by bank transfer, you can also pay us in cash by visiting us.

What are the available payment methods?

We accept :

  • cash
  • bank transfers
  • credit card (online payment processed by PayPal)
  • PayPal

If the bank transfer is made from abroad, the fees must be borne by you.

Is it possible to pay on invoice?

By making an appointment, you can pay us in cash against receipt.

For Swiss companies, payment by invoice is possible. This possibility is granted on a case by case basis.

Do I have to pay in advance for the data recovery service?

Usually yes, as well as the desired supplies or shipping costs. The reason is very simple: we do not want to work for free for people who then give no sign of life.

In addition, a new hard drive cannot be sold as such if it has already been used for you and a refurbished hard drive requires deep formatting when files have been copied on it. Therefore, this type of supply must also be paid in advance.

For companies domiciled in Switzerland, other arrangements may be considered depending on the requirements of their accounting department. In general, payment on invoice is accompanied by an additional cost compared to prepayment rates. We can also send you an invoice which, paid in advance, will allow you to take advantage of the prepayment rates.

Note that the free diagnosis of your SSD can determine if recovery is possible with relatively high reliability. Moreover, if an ordered data recovery could not succeed, we would quickly refund you the entire service.

Can I pay in several times?

This service is perfectly adapted to the payment by stages.

You can purchase the kit first. So you will be ready to send us your SSD for a free diagnosis, without any obligation to order a recovery. Anyway, whatever your means, we advise you to order nothing other than the kit before you have sent us your SSD and obtained our free diagnosis .

If you are ordering the data recovery, it is often recommended to order an hard disk or SSD at the same time, so that we do not have to wait at the end of the analysis and can directly copy the found files to the output drive. In fact, copying large volumes of data requires time.

The SATA to USB 3.0 adapter enclosure can be ordered at the same time as the output disk, or later when we have copied all the data to the disk. We also advise you to order the return shipment at that time.

Our advice — If you don't have the means to order the data recovery yet, already order the SSD extraction kit. That way, you'll have everything at hand when you come back to a better fortune.

Do you give discounts to apprentices and students?

Schools and universities can contact us if they wish to offer data recovery at preferential rates to their students.

Do you give discounts for the unemployed?

Unfortunately, at the moment nothing is planned at this level, our prices being already very competitive on the market. Thank you for your understanding.

Do you give discounts for retirees?

Our rates being already very competitive, we do not offer discounts based on age or status.


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