Data recovery for 1 TB hard drive

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Logical data recovery

In about 50% of hard disk failures, a logical recovery will allow you to recover your data without the need for mechanical repair.

Our logical data recoveries from hard disk drives are carried out in Geneva by Swiss staff and without any subcontracting.

1. Hard drive diagnosis

Send us your hard disk drive, carefully packaged, or make an appointment.

The free diagnosis or your hard drive will determine if your data can be recovered without a prior disk repair.

If a mechanical repair, a circuit board repair or a fix or the firmware proves necessary, we will indicate it to you and you will then decide with freedom of the continuation to give.

2. Choose a time limit

Choose the time that you grant us; the longer it is, the less you pay.
We can thus deal with pressing cases in priority.

10 days
7 days
5 days
3 days
2 days

3. Pay the recovery

Prepayment helps keep administrative costs down and makes you directly benefit from lower prices.

It is possible to pay by credit card or from a PayPal account. In the table on the left, simply select a time frame and the desired currency.

We also accept :

cash   bank transfer

4. Wait for the result

Once the scan of your disk scan is complete, we will inform you of the result. Sending a screenshot is possible if desired.

We then suggest you an appropriate support to which the files found will be copied.

5. Pay supplies and shipping

We draw up a final invoice taking into account the amount already paid. All you have to do is pay for the supplies and any shipping or delivery costs.

6. Receive your data

Receive recovered data by post, by delivery, or at an appointment.

Our rates for logical data recoveries include :

  1. the hard drive extraction from an external enclosure (if necessary)

  2. neither requiring a mechanical repair, nor circuit board repair, nor the correction of firmware errors.
  3. the temporary cloning to a healthy hard drive when this step is desirable, particularly in cases where the data loss is not related to accidental erasure and where it is assumed that the disc may have flaws.
  4. the analysis of the hard drive and the data extraction to a new medium.

Are not included :

  • mechanical repairs (~ 30% of hard drive failures)
  • circuit board repairs (~ 10% of hard drive failures)
  • firmware repairs (~ 10% of hard drive failures)
  • Supplies (new hard drive or USB stick, a.s.o.).
  • shipping costs in case of shipment
  • seeking for a specific version of a file among those found (post-processing) at the request of the customer
  • uploading large volumes of recovered files when the client requests it.
  • extracting and reassembling the hard disk from a computer, a NAS or RAID bay
  • recovering data stored in virtual disks
  • recovering data stored in RAID (except RAID 1)

Mechanical hard drive repair

If your disc is rattling or starts and stops after a few seconds, a mechanical repair is likely to be necessary.

Please consult this section.

Hard drive circuit board repair

If your drive has been overpowered and emits a smell of ozone, a circuit repair may be necessary.

Please consult this section.

Fixing hard drive firmware

In about 10% of the cases, the hard drive is no longer detected at all, is very unstable or very slow, however without any mechanical repair being necessary. It is possible that it needs an intervention at the level of the internal micro-software driving its operation.

Please consult this section.


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